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Alys: Ella Peel

Daf: Daniel Lloyd

Bethan/Guest: Mari Beard

Commentator One: Gareth John Bale

Commentator Two: Mali Ann Rees

Writer: Lisa Parry

Director:  Zoë Waterman

Sound editing and design: Rhys Young for Hoot Studios

Translator: Branwen Davies




When junior tennis star Alys Harris collapses serving for the championship at Wimbledon, she finds herself out-of-her-body in a hospital room, visited by her late father. Can Daf help Alys make sense of her collapse? And can the former player persuade his daughter to return to a life without tennis?


A powerful and moving drama, offering listeners insight into hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and how the condition affects relationships, dreams and more.

Deuce is a podcast drama produced by Illumine Theatre in partnership with Genomics Partnership Wales and Wales Gene Park.

With thanks to: Cardiomyopathy UK; Dr Rachel Irving, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, All Wales Medical Genomics Service; Donna Duffin, Principal Genetic Counsellor, All Wales Medical Genomics Service. 

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