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We make theatre with new writing at its core, theatre which reveals stories hidden in plain sight – stories all around us that we are too busy to notice. We aim to encourage debate, make theatre for everyone and reach out to overlooked audiences. We are committed to making new, exciting and relevant work and to involving artists and communities in its creation. 

We rely on grants, trusts and donations to make much of our work – without the support of people like you, we simply couldn’t exist as an organisation, or make the work that we do. Our friends’ scheme is a great way for you to be involved and to have a closer link to the company. 

We have three levels of membership – please email us for information on how to sign up - or simply hit the 'Donate' button to make a one-off gift via PayPal.

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£20 a year

'How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world,' says Shakespeare. Who are we to argue?

This level of membership secures you a monthly email from us here at Illumine and a heartfelt thank you printed in any programme. 



£50 a year

Elmer Fridrich, inventor of the halogen bulb, knew the beauty of partnership. 'Without the iodine, the bulb burned black,' he said. 'But when we added the iodine, it was sparkling clear. It was a beautiful light.' Join us to illuminate with halogen!

This membership level buys you a monthly email, a heartfelt printed thank you and a free ticket to every Illumine show. 



£100 a year

Ethiopian model Liya Kebede says 'the spotlight can change everything', and this level of membership really can. Spotlight supporters enable us to develop more projects, produce more plays and work with more creatives and communities, making work with relevance stamped through it.

We'll send you a monthly email, print a thank you in any programme, offer you two free tickets per show and give you the chance to meet our cast. 

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