Get to know: Tom Blumberg (John)

How long have you been working in theatre and how did you get started?

I’ve been working as an actor now for eight years professionally. I started in school, then went and trained at Mountview in London when I was 18 which was an awesome experience.

What projects have you recently worked on?

I did my first advert recently (for VW) which was good fun. I was also lucky enough at the start of the year to travel to Ibiza with a show - Where the Leaves Blow, Arad Goch - which was a brilliant experience too. 

Tell us about your character in 2023 - what's he like?

John is a sculptor and Chris’ husband. He is very caring but also has some fiery moments. Throughout the play there are huge shifts in John’s life which I think really change the way he works. The prospect of being a parent is very daunting to him, but he eventually comes around to the idea and embraces parenthood. The appearance of Mary really shakes John and Chris’ relationship and, although they are a strong unit, the implications of her deafness in their decision how to have a child result in some heated moments.

What most excites you about performing in 2023?

I’m really excited to be doing a show in Cardiff, on home turf! I’ve only ever toured to Cardiff so it’s so nice to actually be in a show here, and at Chapter - a theatre I regularly visited growing up.