Get to know: Elanor Higgins (Lighting Designer)

How long have you been working in theatre? Professionally, over 25 years and I'm still as passionate about the industry as I was when I started!

How did you become involved with 2023?

Zoë and Lisa contacted me last year to come in on a research and development day for the production and subsequently asked me to light the show.

How do you find the process of working on a new piece, set in the future?It is always exciting working on new writing as you have a blank canvas. It’s interesting to work on a piece which is set in the future but also the near future, so it could well be a landscape we recognise well. Then again, as we are currently living in a turbulent time it might have completely changed. In the production, I look to the script and the direction to determine what that feel may be.

What are you most excited about regarding 2023 being performed at Chapter?It has been a while since I’ve designed a show at Chapter, so I’m loving reconnecting with the staff there and the building. It is a good intimate space and that will enhance the audience’s experience in connecting with the performance. I’m really enjoying working with the company as a whole on this production and I hope to finally remember and learn some more sign language along the way!